Maryland Tax Court



Downloading from the Internet

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This page offers instructions for downloading from the Maryland Tax Court.  The files contained within this site that are available for download are in PDF format.  These files may be viewed directly from your browser if you have the Adobe Acrobat package or Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

Getting Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader

You may purchase Acrobat from Adobe or download the free Acrobat Reader which works just as well.  These products can be found at

Once you have the software installed on your machine and have configured your browser to automatically open PDF files (the software installation may do this; if not, consult your browser's online help for directions on associating file types with applications), you are ready to download the file.


Click on the document you would like to view.  If you have configured your browser correctly, Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader will be loaded and you will see the document in the Acrobat window.

If you have installed the Acrobat or Reader software but you get a dialog from your browser saying that it doesn't know what to do with the file, something is not configured correctly.  Remember to install the software first.  If you have done this, make sure your browser is set up to run Adobe Acrobat/Reader when a PDF is clicked on in the browser.  In Netscape you can check this by selecting General Preferences... from the Options menu.  The Helpers tab will display the associations of file types to applications.   

If you cannot get your browser to automatically display the PDF file but you have installed the software, you can save the file to a disk or your hard drive.   Run the software and open the file from where you saved it.